Kedu – How it all began

An African sling

The first time I encountered an African sling was during a family visit to Nigeria. My sister in-law had tied her little daughter on her back and was able to fry plantain, bend over or wash clothes while her baby was fast asleep in the sling.

The binding technique – a walk in the park

I absolutely wanted to learn how to tie the sling. And lo and behold – within 3 attempts only I got the hang of it.
I was absolutely thrilled. Unlike the usual slings, this one is being tied more like a bath towel and allows you to fix your child on your back within seconds.

Freedom without compromise

The Kedu sling has given me back my freedom. Finally, I was able to have my son with me at any moment and still be free to move and able to participate in the life of society.

A sling for everyone

Back in Switzerland, many people asked me about my special sling. It seemed that other mothers were also struggling with the long slings available and looking for a more practical solution to carry their child. It was the beginning of Kedu – Since 2015 we produce our own slings in Nigeria and sell them all over Europe.


Our Team

The avid mother

What I have done so far
Run a foundation for Children in Nigeria
Worked for a multi-millionaire and a money printing company
Give up on studying psychology
Put three beautiful children into the world

Things that make me happy
To spend a day with my kids, trying out new recipes, African Art, the smell of fresh cut grass, Holidays in Nigeria, a date with my husband, dancing, photography

What motivates me
To pursue sustainability and environmental commitment not only privately but also professionally. With Kedu I have the opportunity to bring a piece of African tradition to Europe and make the life of many mothers much easier.

The good soul on-site

What i have done so far
Give birth to three children
Studied marketing at a renowned university in Nigeria
Worked for an international NGO

Things that make me happy
My children, delicious food, my air-conditioner, tailor-made clothes, singing in the choir, independence

What motivates me
To select the most beautiful products at highest quality, happy customers, supporting other women.

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